Ayman Ali

Chief Executive Officer at BMSC

Over 14 years of experience in multinational business information technology, supporting different types of projects in the local and foreign markets’ business, hydrography, geographic and GIS backgrounds with a deep technical level experience in mapping analysis and business development including high level of experience in public relation with governments and private sector.

From My Books

The book tells stories that are never close to imagination, not from near or far, they are realistic, whose events took place in few years. It is a tale of good and evil. And I don’t present it for fun only, but the ultimate goal is to learn from experience.
It is important and cannot be underestimated. If you had not learned from what had preceded, you would have tried it by yourself

Courses I Teach

GIS course
Gaining the ability to know how to digitize the world & The capability to analyze and display any spatial variable information from multiple sources.
Marketing course
  • Understanding the concepts of marketing and Providing the skills and knowledge to understand how to get to both; the customer’s need and also the market.
  • The ability to distinguish the differentiations between competitors and its advantages and disadvantages and how to do market strategy.
Integrated Marketing Communication Course
Presenting the Concepts and techniques for the development and designing a successful Integrated Marketing communication .
Professional Customer Service Course
  • Gaining the skills and techniques that will deliver positive customer experiences.
  • Presenting the Value of customer interactions.
  • Dealing professionally with customers and complaints.
  • Achieving greater growth and customer satisfaction.
Project Management Course
  • The Ability to achieve project targets.
  • Dealing With various aspects of projects as Cost , Time , Human Resources, Quality ,Scope.

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